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MyOutlets Global Halal Hub Supermarket


MyOutlets Global Halal Hub differentiates itself by being the nation's biggest Halal Supermarket that carries only Halal Certified Products from accredited Halal Certification Bodies worldwide. Stringent checking procedures and product entry system, certificates and ingredients are verified diligently for authenticity.


Operating within a 10,000 sq ft Retail Space, this Supermarket carries Products from numerous manufacturers from 41 countries including Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Holland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Greece, Yemen, Indonesia, Italy and United States.


Consumer from all over the Island come to MyOutlets Global Halal Hub for easy access of shopping for affordable global Halal Products.


While focusing on only Halal Food & Beverages, MyOutlets Global Halal Hub carries good household brand products as part of its effort to provide a complete supermarket range for its customer.


MyOutlets Global Halal Hub recently launched an Online Halal Shopping Portal that provides a wider outreach for the manufacturer and trader of Halal products. This, in turn, delivers a convenient shopping experience for customer. Delivery for product is done the day after Purchase.


Identifying the barrier entry faced by Local SMEs into the Retail industry, MyOutlets Global Halal Hub wants to ease and partner with them to overcome  such as Shelving, Account Opening and Listing Fees. Others such as Promotional and Advertising Cost, Logistics as well as Stiff Entry and Payment Terms are also in additional to their challenges.


Visit the first Halal wholesaler in Singapore.

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About MyOutlets

MY OUTLETS is a Value HALAL Supply Chain Platform founded in April 2013, MY OUTLETS objectives are to develop, promote, distribute and globalize products from emerging SMEs in the food manufacturing industry.

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