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New Market Entry


Sales and marketing is the main driver of of any SMEs. CHALLENGES faced by SMEs to export and market their products are as follow:

  • New brand and product penetration

  • Advertising and promotion fees

  • Logistics and distribution

  • Understanding consumers buying behavior and local marketing culture

  • Marketing, shelving and listing fees

  • Return or exchange policies

  • Looking for right partner

  • Stiff entry terms and conditions imposed by conventional modern trades

MY OUTLETS is a one stop platform that enables emerging SMEs in the food manufacturing industry to access market directly by allowing companies to leverage on MY OUTLETS knowledge where they have a market presence and also leverage on its infrastructure which continues to grow.


About MyOutlets

MY OUTLETS is a Value HALAL Supply Chain Platform founded in April 2013, MY OUTLETS objectives are to develop, promote, distribute and globalize products from emerging SMEs in the food manufacturing industry.

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